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Good Life is Hiring!


Position: Director of Youth Engagement

The Director of Youth Engagement is responsible for overseeing the overall program, staff and implementation of the program. A key responsibility is identifying individuals who would make good Life influencers/mentors. The Director will participate in interviews for  potential candidates for life coaching. The Director will facilitate the pairing of youth with life influencers and provide necessary guidance concerning proper care for youth. DYE may even provide life influencers with a list of goals that should be accomplished with youth. They will manage and facilitate the individualized youth plans.

The DYE will monitor and evaluate life influencer/youth relationships through verbal communications, face-to-face meetings, team meetings and over-the-phone conversations. Indirect communications may include reviewing progress reports written by life influencers. DYE will also evaluate each life influencer/youth relationship pair to determine if any changes need to be made, such as reassigning youth. The evaluation process may include writings reports to administration about the success rates and failures of the current program, and documenting hours of life influencers.

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The Good Life Travels to Utica to Train Youth

Good Life staff and youth entrepreneur attend training in preparation for the launch of their first social enterprise company. What a great experience today learning the trade of printing and promotional items! The first of many entrepreneurial ventures with youth for Good Life! GLF Enterprises is born! YCEO, a division of GLF Enterprises is born. Equipment purchased and we are ready for success!

Introducing the 1st Annual “Good Time for Good Life” Gala

Good Life Foundation is having it’s first ever annual Gala to fundraise to continue the great work we’ve been doing. The “Good Times for Good Life” Gala will be held on June 11th, 2016 @ the Sky Armory, 351 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202. This is our first annual gala, showing the considerable support and partner network that we have built up! With the help of “Friends of Good Life” and the “Strategic Development Specialists (Diane Wladis & Leann West) we have already received considerable corporate support for the first year!

The work and impact of Good Life is being seen and appreciated. For that we appreciate you! Join the movement and support REAL change in Syracuse NY. Good Life Gala Invite Img

Young Investors Part 2: R.E.A.L. MONEY Workshop

Feb 13 - REAL Money

Making it R.E.A.L. for Good Lifers

2132016FlyerGood Life is proud to be presenting the first R.E.A.L. Money Series Workshop of 2016!  In the competitive, capitalistic world that exists today there are a lot of things to think about when saving and making money.  Often times it is a gamble, and investing takes risk.  Do you know if you can trust the stock market?  The answer is yes!

Good Life will be partnering with Cooperative Federal Credit Union to bring financial awareness to the table. It is best to start saving as early as possible!  The reality is that there are different accounts that you can save money in when saving, Individual Development Account v. Savings Account.  There are also other ways to stay financially fit, investing in the stock market. The “New York Stock Exchange” – NYSE is a tool that millions use daily to trade stocks, ETF’s and bonds upon companies they see fit. Depending on the leverage that certain companies hold on the stock market people buy more of that stock to secure their finances.  Thom Dallwo from Cooperative Federal Credit Union will be present to help Good Lifers understand how the market is a “risky” yet popular way to secure savings for retirement.

The stock market is a viable source of security when thinking about retirement and creating revenue for when you want to relax later in life. Make it the #GoodLife and come to the SSIC on the 13th of February. www.agoodlifefound.org

The decisions you make today impact those of the future, do what you can to start practicing good habits for success!

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