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» Americorps VISTA Descriptions

Americorps VISTA Descriptions

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

VISTAs will aid in the development of community third party resources and partners to ensure effective execution of the program and bridge youth to necessary services beyond organizational capacity. VISTAs will coordinate retention and community re-investment from clients who successfully complete the program as well as other community members to be peer mentors and supports for upcoming youth, allowing them to move into leadership roles.  VISTAs will aid in the cultivation of partnerships with corporations and community organizations to leverage resources and opportunities to increase employability of low-income youth. VISTAs will first assess the areas where volunteers are needed via a volunteer survey. They will also build and manage a volunteer management system to include an application, handbook / manual, and a tracking system to monitor performance and retention. VISTA will also work with the “marketing” VISTA to create volunteer brochures to generate interest from within the community.

Program Developer

VISTA members will assist the Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation in the creation of “Hip-Hop” Financial Literacy curricula to educate low-income youth (ages 13-24) in money management and to help develop good financial habits, ultimately to make them economically viable and self-sustainable adults. VISTAs will aid in the development of training materials, program preparation and the cultivation of community third party resources and partners to ensure effective execution of the program to youth. VISTAs will aid in the creation of measurement systems to measure impact, output and outcomes of program.

Development & Marketing Specialist

VISTAs will do research and aid in the process of grant writing and vetting to identify funding opportunities that match Good Life’s mission. VISTAs will coordinate fundraising effort to maximize and develop alternative streams of funding, so as to help the organization move beyond being dependent on grants. VISTAs will help in the retention of supporters and sponsors, keep them updated and engaged, while recruiting other community and private resources.  VISTAs will help develop and execute our donor campaigns.  Aside from ensuring strong programming, some of the money raised will be used for incentivized goals to encourage maximum performance from youth toward the goal of improved academic performance and career development. VISTAs will assist in producing and organizing marketing materials to ensure effective reach of constituents on both client and support side. VISTAs will help maintain consistency of branding and outreach to media. VISTAs will maintain online and print representation of Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation, including website, social media, and video campaigns for youth.

Education Coordinator

VISTAs will serve as liason between advocating agency Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation and our educational partner Syracuse City School District to facilitate and create a smooth process of retaining information and data on youth, both in the program and out. VISTA will be instrumental in identifying and creating necessary supports to ensure the social and emotional preparedness of low-income youth for successful outcomes in school. VISTAs will aid in assisting the re-entry process for youth returning from incarceration trying to understand credits and resources needed to graduate. They will also assist in identifying and creating partnerships with alternative partners such as GED programs and work placement programs (ie. Job Corps) for youth that choose an alternative track.

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