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Good Life Spotlights

Making it R.E.A.L. for Good Lifers

2132016FlyerGood Life is proud to be presenting the first R.E.A.L. Money Series Workshop of 2016!  In the competitive, capitalistic world that exists today there are a lot of things to think about when saving and making money.  Often times it is a gamble, and investing takes risk.  Do you know if you can trust the stock market?  The answer is yes!

Good Life will be partnering with Cooperative Federal Credit Union to bring financial awareness to the table. It is best to start saving as early as possible!  The reality is that there are different accounts that you can save money in when saving, Individual Development Account v. Savings Account.  There are also other ways to stay financially fit, investing in the stock market. The “New York Stock Exchange” – NYSE is a tool that millions use daily to trade stocks, ETF’s and bonds upon companies they see fit. Depending on the leverage that certain companies hold on the stock market people buy more of that stock to secure their finances.  Thom Dallwo from Cooperative Federal Credit Union will be present to help Good Lifers understand how the market is a “risky” yet popular way to secure savings for retirement.

The stock market is a viable source of security when thinking about retirement and creating revenue for when you want to relax later in life. Make it the #GoodLife and come to the SSIC on the 13th of February. www.agoodlifefound.org

The decisions you make today impact those of the future, do what you can to start practicing good habits for success!

Encouraging the Local Dream in 2016!

8494_10205279524453710_3784388336389634961_nGood Life Youth Foundation wants to help residents, business owners and entrepreneurs in Syracuse by helping them connect with each other this month!  Start the New Year off right and turn up the noise in the 2016 with Good Life!  Good Life’s workshop this month is designed as a networking and leadership opportunity for all entrepreneurs and business owners in the City of Syracuse. Come out the 23rd of January and show the youth members of the Good Life Youth Foundation your business has what it takes to make you who you are! The youth are the future leaders of the country and they deserve it all.

Expecting a full house at Good Life’s event this month be prepared as a business owner on the 23rd and expect rush of networking information, stay tidy at all costs; bring a business card and any marketing material.  See that you can meet with both youth members of the community as well as other business owners like yourself.
There will be a couple of hours that will be designed for you to mingle with other local business and set the example at the same time for youth members of the organization! IT IS ABOUT SUPPORT AND POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT!  Join the Good Life Youth Foundation this month at the South Side Innovation Center from 12 PM – 2 PM on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016.  The South Side Innovation Center will have a representative present at this workshop, Gabriela Escalante will answer any questions about the Whitman School of Management and Syracuse University facility for future use.

Come show the youth of the community you are a leader, a business owner and that you care about local business by representing your own business at this month’s R.E.A.L. Business Young Entrepreneurs Spotlight.

4 Key Areas of Focus

  • Life Coaching
    Good Life is a collaborative agency working with various partners to ensure quality "wrap around" services for our youth
  • Education
    Attack the "cool" and make education cool again through Hip-Hop culture.
  • Financial
    Create viable income and opportunities for youth. Teach a child to fish and they will never be hungry or steal your food.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Create sustainability from within. Connecting real life experience with the value of education improves performance in school.

Join The Movement

Be A Mentor / Life Coach
Be A Motivational Speaker (Artists, Business People, etc)
Be A Fund-raising Organization
Donate (Monetarily)
Donate (In-Kind Services)
Be An Entrepreneurial Advisor
Sponsor A Child: Business
Sponsor A Child: Personal

Whatever fits you... Join the movement!

Career Opportunities

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