R.E.A.L. Business Entrepreneurship Spotlight


The Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation, Inc.’s launched its inspirational workshop series “R.E.A.L. Business” Young Entrepreneurs Spotlight was a huge success.  The session showcased local entrepreneurs that made from low-income backgrounds to being CEO’s of their own companies. The goal of the series is to spotlight local talent and businesses, while showing youth that they too can do it. It is important for youth to start earlier than later.  Entrepreneurship is known to improve academic performance amongst youth and bridge education with real life experience.


When: Saturday May 23rd, 2015  12:00PM-2:00PM


Where:  South Side Innovation Center: 2610 S. Salina St. Syracuse, New York 13205


Who:  The Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation, Inc. will be spotlighting Ron Funderburg, founder and CEO of Unico Re Clothing and Eli Smith, owner of So Gone Trash Removal and E. Smith Contractors, Inc. to share their experiences of their journey and success as local entrepreneurs with youth.  Good Life will also be spotlighting a national success story following the successes of self made millionaire, Farrah Gray.  Dr. Gray has made his way to the top from an early start in the world of entrepreneurship.  Using his success as examples of how others can do better for themselves makes him a real life example to youth across the nation.


Why:  Ethnic minorities are few and far between in the world of entrepreneurship. Many inner city youth have the transferrable skills that would make them successful in entrepreneurship, but they aren’t exposed to it. Exposure to entrepreneurship also connects education with real life experiences, fostering a greater appreciation for school and often sparking an improvement in academic performance. The average white family’s wealth in America is 17x more than that of Black families. Entrepreneurship has been sighted as one of the few ways to help close that gap.

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