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» Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Simply put….. A Good Life Starts With REAL Connections !

Life Coaching:

Good Life is a collaborative foundation that works with various partners to ensure that the appropriate and necessary “wrap around” services are utilized as a support for our youth. We work alongside other agencies in Onondaga County and surrounding areas to guarantee success in improving the quality of lives for our area’s children. We work with youth between the ages of thirteen and twenty-four and offer our services to children of various backgrounds and ethnicities.

These children can experience an array of difficulties and obstacles, including psychiatric impairments, emotional underdevelopment, and a stalled level of cultural competence. One of our goals is to help address these challenges by fostering real and genuine connections with adults in their lives who can aid in their personal development. Our organization is active in community reentry, life coaching, education, and advocacy. Our hope is that by addressing these issues, we will decrease the level of recidivism, incarceration, and violence amongst our youth.


We believe that the level of apathy and poor performance amongst many inner city children is directly related to their common belief that being smart is “not cool”. We utilize Hip-Hop culture as the educational force (which it began as) to bridge the gap between having “swag” (terminology referring to “coolness”) and having an “education”. By building on core values, which are inherent in Hip-Hop culture, we seek to spark a newly found desire to achieve a “create something out of nothing” mentality the way Hip-Hop had once done many years ago. Our life coaches are active in encouraging educational success and staying abreast of the youth’s educational status while making sure that they receive the proper resources they need to be a success story.


Many of our kids experience financial hardships and may become involved in certain activities to earn money in order to seek the very basic needs of life. We are determined to bring to light the challenges in making money in a non-positive way and expose the drawbacks of living a life of crime. Our goal is to teach them that they can earn money in different and more affirmative ways while also creating viable income opportunities via entrepreneurial partnerships, internships, and job experiences afforded through various partnering businesses and agencies, giving youth practical alternatives to crime. We believe it is imperative to also teach youth how to manage their personal finances by offering personal financial management classes. We aid in the facilitation of creating bank accounts and giving guidance on how to maintain their money.


The culture that the youth celebrate and learn most from (Hip-Hop) was born out of the spirit that you can “create something out of nothing”. That is the essence of entrepreneurship. We encourage youth to become business owners and to apply entrepreneurship as a means to close income and opportunity gaps. For youth that may not be interested in owning their own business, at the very least, we aim to create a workforce of youth who are job ready and are seeking higher than minimum wage jobs as well as having strong conviction for education.

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